Sit-and-go Value

Written by Dan Blitz
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Get the most value from sit-and-go
Sit-and-go tournaments are one of the quickest and most fun ways to play online poker. You pay your entry, wait for the table to fill up, and then play a tournament style game until someone wins.

Poker rooms make their money off of sit-and-go tournaments by taking a 'rake' off of the entry fee. Usually the poker room will make it pretty obvious how much they are charging: It might say "$5 + 1" or "$20 + $2" as the listed entry fee. This means that $5 or $20 is going in the pot, and $1 or $2 is going to the casino.

Obviously you want the pot to be as big as possible! In my example, 20% of your money is going to the casino at the $6 game, while only 10% of your money goes to the casino in the $22 game. This is a real example too!

Of course you might not be willing to risk $22 just to so you get a bit more value. You also have to be aware that the players will get better as the entry fees get higher. But you have to draw the line somewhere. I have seen $1 rakes at some places for the $5, $7, and $10 sit-and-go tournaments. When this is the case, it doesn't make a lot of sense to play the $5 or even $7 games.

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